Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A Princess of Landover

Hey, My parents got me this book at the public library called A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks. I haven't started the book but the description makes it sound interesting. Here are the exact words: Ben Holiday, Chicago lawyer and mere mortal turned monarch of enchanted Landover, has grappled with scheming barons, fire-breathing beasts, diabolical conjurers, and extremely wicked witches. None of whom have prepared him for the most daunting of challengers-a teenage daughter. Sent by Ben and his beloved sylph bride, Willow, to an exclusive girls' prep school, headstrong (and half-magical) Mistaya Holiday has found life in the natural world a less than perfect fit. And when her latest rebellious antics get her indefinitely suspended, she's determined to resume her real education-learning sorcery from court wizard Questor Thews-whether her parents like it or not. But back home in Landover, Mistaya's frustrated father is just as determined that the precocious princess learn some responsibility, and he declares her grounded until she successfully refurbishes the long-forsaken royal library. Mortified by the prospect of salvaging a king's ransom in moldy books-and horrified by word that repulsive local nobleman Lord Laphroig seeks to marry her-Mistaya decides that the only way to run her own life is to run away from home. So begins an eventful odyssey peppered with a formidable dragon, recalcitrant gnomes, an inscructable magic cat, a handsome librarian, a sinister sorcerer, and more than a few narrow escapes as fate draws Landover's intrepid princess to the last place she's expected to go, and into the thick of mystery that will put her mettle to the test-and might bring the kingdom to it's knees.
If you like fantasy books then this is perfect for you.

Monday, 5 October 2009


Hey, Heres a book to sink your teeth into. The book is called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It is about a girl named Bella Swan who lives in hot Arizona with her mom and her mom's boyfriend. Now she is leaving Arizona to go live with her dad in rainy Forks, Washington. She has to go to a new school and make new friends. She accomplishes all of that and then she meets Edward Cullen in Biology. He is quiet and mysterious and Bella is anxious to find out more about him and his family. Some of her questions are, Why aren't they ever at school on sunny days? Why do they disappear even on dark, rainy days. Bella soon finds out that they are vampires and they glow in the light. She is now the girlfriend of Edward and everyone likes her except Rosalie. She eventually gets attacked by a vampire. Does she survive? You will have to find out.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Questions Anyone?

Hey, if you ever have any questions or just want to talk to me personally, here is my e-mail:sneakyevilcat24@gmail.com. Just tell me your first name and e-mail and I will e-mail you back. Later :)

What My Mother Doesn't Know

Hey, this is my first entry. I made this blog for recommending books to people and you can recommend to me! this book is called What My Mother doesn't Know.It is about a girl named Sophie Who is in High school. She has a boyfriend named Dylan that she meet at this party and thought she was in love with. But there is one problem, she likes this other lonely guy, Murphy. She can't tell who she should pick. You want to find out? Read the book, it is by Sonya Sones.

Welcome Bloggers!!!!

Welcome Bloggers! If you are a reader, then this is the blog for you. This is my first blog and I am going to try and update it every other day. Pleas feel free to leave any comments about the entries whether they a they are positive or negative. Also I would like to tell you that I might cot be able to update as frequently as I hope to because I am still in school and have had a lot of homework lately. Also feel free to ask me anything.