Saturday, 12 March 2011


This my summary on the sequel to Hush, Hush with the title of Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick. So here it goes. So, Nora and Patch are still going out in the beginning of the book. They get into an argument and break up. Now Nora is feeling like a third wheel when her best friend Vee starts going out with Patch's friend Rixon. Nora then starts taking an interest in her old friend Scott when he moves to Coldwater even though she thinks he's hiding something. She only takes a liking to Scott at a pathetic attempt to make Patch jealous. Massie or Marcy or how 'bout I call her the Evil Witch. So anyway, the Evil Witch starts hitting on Patch and it is really annoying Nora. The Evil Witch also invite her to a party at her house and Nora and Vee decide to snoop around. Nora steals her diary and ends up dangling out the window. Patch helps her and takes her home. Nora then decides to do a little more snooping so she sneaks into Scott's room and finds a ring with a fist on it, similar to one she received in an envelope along with a note that said "THE BLACK HAND KILLED YOUR DAD." Nora gets even more freaked out when Scott breaks into her house and almost kills her but here comes the cheesy romance stuff comes in, Oh look, it's Rixon and ?Vee? to the rescue. Scott gets arrested and he turns out to be Nephlim. Scott then breaks out of jail and follows Nora to a fair and chases her all over the place and then some how Rixon shows up and has a gun and he shots him down. Scott disappears and Rixon tells Vee to get the car and Rixon and Nora take this creepy passage way in a funhouse. Rixon turns out to be the one trying to kill Nora. The stupid part was that he admitted it to her and she then took off. She went farther into the funhouse and guess who she found. Scott!! Rixon finds them and Scott tries to protect her. Rixon nearly chokes her to death and just before she goes completely unconscious, she thinks she sees Patch behind Rixon. Next thing she knows she is in an ambulance with the police and she found out Rixon was gone. Nora gets home and gets a voicemail from her mom and also one from Scott. He survived and was leaving again. He said that he was going to miss her and wishes he could see and he said not to look for him. Patch comes to see her and of course they get back together and he takes her somewhere the archangels couldn't find them. Patch told Nora that Rixon was in Hell and was never coming back. He said that he loved her and then they had a surprise guest. To their surprise, Hank Millar shows up and asks an unexpected question. he asked, "Nora, do you know where my friend Chauncey might be?" Pretty creepy, right? Oh, I forgot to mention. Hank is.... Nevermind, you'll just have to figure it out because he has a big part in the book.


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